The most obscure holidays you’ve never heard of

While there’s no second guessing the big holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, one has to wonder the origin of so many other holidays. Some holidays seem to have been created just for the purpose of selling greeting cards, while others are slightly silly, if not absurd. Check out this list of obscure holidays and see how many you already knew about.

Squirrel Appreciation Day – January 21 – Believe it or not, there are people in the world who like squirrels. A lot! Most wish they’d just stop running out in front of our cars.

National Hairball Awareness Day – April 29 – Hairballs occur when cats groom themselves and ingest their own fur. Cats spend approximately 30% of their time grooming, so that means they’re going to be bringing up a lot of furballs. Ew.

Hug Your Cat Day – May 12 – Hot on the heels of cleaning up furballs, comes Hug Your Cat Day. Hopefully they won’t spit up a furball on you when you give them a big fat furry hug.

Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 22 – It’s hard to imagine an office full of canines every day, but for one day a year, man’s best friend gets to reign supreme in the office.

Sweetest Day – October 20 – Here’s a holiday that seems to exist for no apparent reason. What makes October 20th sweeter than any other day?

National Boss Day – October 16 – Oh, ok. Let’s all get together and celebrate National Boss Day! Not. Trying to muster up enthusiasm among your co-workers for this holiday might be next-to-impossible. If nothing else, someone will buy a card and pass it around in an effort to suck up to the boss man.

Grandparents Day – September 9 – This is one of those holidays that should occur every day. Grandparents are the best and they know how to spoil the grandkids like nobody’s business.

Friendship Day – August 5 – Friendship Day might be a depressing holiday for the perpetually lonely as well as shut-ins and misanthropes.  Chances are though, there’s at least one person who has your back until the bitter end. If not, you may need to get out more.

Canada Day – July 1 – Other than being our neighbors to the North and that they sing the Canadian National Anthem at sporting games when Canadian teams play, most Americans have little idea what Canada or Canada Day is all about. Hmmm. Must. Google.

Nurse’s Day – May 6 – Nurses are on the frontline, day in and day out, taking care of people and helping give them awesome patient care. Even though they hear “Thank you,” an awful lot, they really do deserve their own holiday.

Administrative Professional’s Day – April 25 – Administrative assistants are the unsung heroes of the modern workforce. While it’s hard to get the whole office to celebrate National Boss Day, chances are the administrative professional in your office is worthy of some recognition on this holiday.

Letter Writing Day – December 7 – Letter Writing. What is that?! Never heard of it. Does it have something to do with e-mail? Another curious holiday to look up on Google.

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